Workshop 1: Accesible music instruments by Tim Yates

In this workshop hacking, designing and making accessible musical instruments was explored and insight was provided into maker tools for accessible music making.

Workshop 2: The purpose of disabled art by Ben Lunn

This workship had a more provocative/philosophical nature and asked: what is the purpose of disabled art? What is disabled artists/musicians’ contribution to the cultural canon? Are we even considered as equal contributors to the artistic landscape? 

About the presenters

Ben Lunn is a composer, conductor, and musicologist. As a composer, he has worked with leading ensembles and soloists across Europe including Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, Sofia Soloists, Rolf Hind, Tianyi Lu, Music Theatre Wales, and N.A.M.E.S. ensemble. As musicologist, his research has focused on the Baltic, the Romanian composer Horaţiu Rădulescu, composition and disability.

Tim Yates is a sound-artist and musician working in a variety of media from found objects to interactive software installations. He makes, builds and finds instruments of all kinds for performance and installation. He has shown work at the Tate Modern, the V&A and Soundfjord amongst many other placesHe has also recently joined the team at Drake Music as DM Lab Producer working on the R&D programme developing new and bespoke musical instruments and interfaces for people with disabilities.