Surrey Music Hub with UP! / Infinity Orchestra

UP! Orchestra is an ensemble designed to be accessible for young people aged 13+ with special educational needs. UP! is particularly interested in welcoming young people who have been unable to access music education because of their life circumstances and lack of suitable opportunities on offer locally. The UP! Orchestra includes a diverse range of young people who experience a range of barriers to music education. These groups include young people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, young people with mental health problems, children in care and young refugees. Read more

Workshop 1: Building an Inclusive Orchestra by Jim Pinchen and Ben Bastin

The UP! Orchestra was launched in late 2014 with around 8 core members and now performs with around 35 live musicians. The orchestra has collaborated with young people from Mexico, Brazil and the US and has performed at some of the UKs most iconic venues including the Royal Albert Hall and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. During this presentation and discussion, UP! project manager Jim Pinchen discussed everything from the orchestra's strategic vision and musical methodology, music genres through to funding, sustainability and the importance of strong partnerships. 

Workshop 2: Utilising music technology within the orchestra by Jim Pinchen and Ben Bastin

During this session Jim Pinchen and UP! music tutor Ben Bastin will demonstrate a range of technologies that have been used to inspire and integrate young people into the orchestra. This will be a practical session and participants will have the opportunity to try a range of technologies ranging from iPads to gesture controlled instruments. 

Here you will find great information about 'iPad Music Apps & Tips SEN',  'Use Guided Access with iPad' and 'Garage Band Basic Quick Start Guide'

About the presenters

Jim Pinchen is a composer, music educator and project manager. He has a proven track record of delivering music education projects for young people both in the UK and internationally in areas of post-conflict.

Ben Bastin is a musician that has been working with young people with additional needs for well over a decade. He is a keen exponent of music as a catalyst for increased learning, communication and improved outcomes for all involved.