An Academy 2007 - Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussel

For the third time, the Gasthuis, in cooperation with the research group Art Practice and Development invited ten young practitioners from theater, dance and music to interact intensively – as if it was an academy. In past years An Academy was located in the context of the Holland Festival, this year An Academy makes its way to the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels.

We contemporary theatre professionals seem no longer bound to a single location; we are continually on the move. Always accessible, flexible and of course in contact with a wide variety of people and places, we extend our global network across disciplinary and geographical boundaries. But might we not lose perspective on our own position in the resultant web of complex relationships. Are we able to define a critical standpoint while ‘on the move’? What are the implications of this ‘nomadic outlook’ (Rosi Braidotti)? Do we want to move on, or is it time to pause and ponder?

Performances by Toshiki Okada / Chelfitsch, Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom, Eszter Salamon, Alvis Hermanis / New Riga and Cie Isabella Soupart. Visual art projects by Sarah Vanagt and The Otolith Group. Guest speakers include Bettina Wind.