Rozalie Hirs

Rozalie Hirs began studying composition with Diderik Wagenaar at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague in 1991. She also studied classical voice with Eugenie Ditewig at the Utrechts Conservatorium and with Gerda van Zelm at the Royal Conservatoire. She went on to study composition at the Royal Conservatoire and took composition lessons and classes on MusiQuantics with Clarence Barlow. Rozalie studied at Columbia University in New York, where she received a Fulbright fellowship and completed her Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) degree. She received stipends from the Dutch Performing Arts Fund and won the Rapaport Composition Prize at Columbia University and she received a fellowship from the Prins Bernhard Culture Fund for her DMA dissertation.
Rozalie Hirs was curator of the Open Music and New Compositional Techniques course at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, which she taught in collaboration with the Nieuw Ensemble. The course consisted of public lectures and workshops led by Rozalie Hirs for composition students, and sessions with the Nieuw Ensemble. It resulted in the publication Open Music.
Rozalie has composed a number of works and she is also a poet. Locus, her first book of poetry, was published in 1998 by Querido, Amsterdam. Her poems have been selected on several occasions for annual anthologies of the best poems of the year, entitled De 100 beste gedichten (The 100 Best Poems) and published by  Arbeiderspers.

OpenMusic / Computer-aided composition and innovative composing techniques
Amsterdam Conservatory from 2005
The resarch project OpenMusic combines the introduction of contemporary composing techniques with a practice oriented investigation into composition students’ creative processes. The subject of the creative process is one of the most mysterious for an artist. Can the OpenMusic software make this process manifest and can digital technologies lead to innovation in the creative process? This project forms part of the composing practicum organised at the Conservatory by Joël Bons and the Nieuw Ensemble in cooperation with the royal conservatories in The Hague and Hilversum.

selected publications

Contemporary Compositional Techniques and Open Music, Rozalie Hirs and Bob Gilmore, Delatour and IRCAM, 2010
Introduction Contemporary compositional techniques and Open Music, Rozali Hirs, Delatour and IRCAM, 2010