Maria Ines Villasmil

After a career as a Sociologist in Venezuela, Maria Ines Villasmil moved to Holland in 1996 to further pursue her studies in choreography. Since 2003, she teaches at the Amsterdam Theatre School. As a freelance teacher and choreographer she works in Latin-American countries, Holland and recently at the PSU (Prishtina Summer University) at UNMIK (Kosovo). In July 2004, Maria received her master degree in Choreography and New Media from the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Research into multi-media tools for dance education
Maria Ines Villasmil, John Taylor and Vivianne Rodrigues de Brito together form a new workgroup whose central aim is the sharing and support of the educational research of AHK faculty members. They hope thus to create a stronger tie between developing research and daily teaching practice. This idea is a natural extension of their participation in the Inside Movement Knowledge (IMK) research project into new methods for the documentation, transmission and preservation dance knowledge.

The primary focus of the research is the use of new media in dance education. One element will be the survey and classification of existing new media tools in their relationship to basic principles that support, develop and enhance knowledge transfer and understanding within dance education. The other element will be various case studies in the use of particular media tools in the school. In the future they hope to turn the general principles defined in this year to more personal application with in their teaching practices.

The IMK research has - among other outcomes - resulted in a short documentary and is embedded in two European followup networks in dance education: the European Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education (EDOCDE) and the educational partners of Motion Bank.

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