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Impression of Unlearning Space

AHK School of Unlearning

Unlearning Space

Saturday 23 April 2022 | Academy of Architecture

A philosophical and immersive pilgrimage through the under- and upper world

How can we challenge preconceived notions and make the right connection between what is visible and what is non-visible? What if we explore the link between the physical world of buildings and things and our deeper thought processes? 
The concept of the underworld quickly brings to mind the hidden, the dark and the demons. The upper world is the opposite: enlightened, transparent and clear. How does this implicit appreciation affect public space and our experience of it? How does an urban environment force the upper and lower worlds into certain forms or functions? And can we, albeit for a short moment, withdraw from that separation and explicitly connect the non-visible with the visible? 

What to expect from this Unlearning experience

On this Saturday we will visit two places: the inner/underworld and the outer/upper world. We’ll do so in the neighbourhood of Mr. Visserplein, which, in all its stratification and symbolism, is an excellent case study for considering this duality and complexity. 

In the morning we descend to the underworld where we visit the ‘thought palace’, our thinking space. In this sensorial and theatrical space we will deconstruct our thinking by active listening (versus just hearing), by questioning preconceived notions, by being open to new insights and by sharing without pre-judgement, born out of wonder. 

In the afternoon we ascend to the upper world in which we explore the Jewish Cultural Quarter. With new ways to think and perceive we attempt to listen to the space around us and question the symbolism of the place, the history, the shadow of reality. Here we unlearn the public space, questioning the perceived clarity of messages and gaining new common insights. 

Where: Academy of Architecture
When: Saturday 23 April - from 10.00 to 18.00h

About the Artist in Residence

Puck van Dijk is a philosopher and theatre maker who creates site-specific and immersive theatre productions. In her work she places the audience at the center of the theatrical, critical worlds she builds - in which her love for speculative fiction resonates strongly. Puck plays with philosophical thought experiments and ethical dilemmas in the stories she presents; challenging her audience to expand their perspective. Puck is the artistic leader of PLAY Productions and works as a freelance theatre maker and philosopher giving lectures, workshops and interdisciplinary projects.

This Saturday has been designed by the Artist in Residence together with Henri Snel (Academy of Architecture) and Marit van Dijk (Reinwardt Academy). 

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Impression of Unlearning Space

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Impression of Unlearning Space

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