After Shell (2022) - Selçuk Balamir

As we enter 2060, the Ministry of Just Transition is proud to present this commemorative wall calendar to celebrate our achievements across the world. This publication encapsulates the decommissioning and repurposing of twenty infrastructure sites that once belonged to Shell, one of the 20th-century carbon majors. The Ministry was established in the immediate aftermath of a truly watershed event: the bankruptcy declaration and subsequent public takeover of Shell. Since then, the “After Shell” programme has swiftly become the cornerstone of the Ministry’s mission, tasked with facilitating the community-led, justice-based, and people-powered sunsetting of Shell’s legacy infrastructure, assets, and impacts. To compile these annals spanning four decades of Just Transition, spatial designers from what used to be the Netherlands were invited by the Ministry to recapitulate their accounts as witnesses and contributors to the dissolution of the carbon major. May their work inspire the next generation of eco-social designers.

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Winter School 2022: After Shell