Statement concerning 'community opera'

Peter den Ouden (2005)

‘From the moment I came into contact with community opera, it was love at first sight. It is about the art of seeing and revealing. It is about how we live in the twenty-first century.’
Anthony Heidweiller

Ladies and gentlemen,
On the internet you won’t find many hits about community opera. Therefore to define community opera is not so easy. In this statement I will try to present you an effort. We’ve to deal with two words: ‘community’ and ‘opera’.
I’ll start with the conception ‘community’. Communities in the former societies were places to live, you almost never left your community. Because of the globalization in our present time more and more we want to fall b
ack on save and identifiable communities.

Ouden, P. den (2005), Statement concerning 'community opera'
Utrecht: Expertmeeting Yoh! Opera Festival.

Statement concerning 'community opera'
Statement concerning 'community opera'
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