Art Practice as Schooling

Emiel Heijnen (2015)

Publication: A Way of Learning. Growing in Cultural Institutions.
Curated by: MAMA

Since its founding in 1997, MAMA has taken a pioneering role in the field of visual arts talent development. By focusing on the experiences of leading educators and cultural organisers, this publication looks at how different institutions (museums, higher education, presentation platforms) apply these approaches and the subsequent impact these changes have on their organisations. Do these developments contribute to the democratisation and diversification of the cultural field? Can we include public participation without a loss of quality? And, how do these programmes contribute to the professional opportunities for an upcoming generation of cultural producers?

Supported by: Gemeente Rotterdam en Mondriaan Fonds

Lees de Nederlandse vertaling van het artikel: Kunstpraktijk als leerschool

Heijnen, E. (2015). Art Practice as Schooling. In M. Brouwer, N. Hartjes, M. Terpstra (Eds.), A Way of Learning: Growing in Cultural Institutions (p. 20-24). MAMA, Rotterdam.

Art Practice as Schooling

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Art Practice as Schooling
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