Housing for incoming exchange students

The demand for student housing in Amsterdam is high. Exchange students are strongly advised to look for accommodation in time, preferably months before leaving for the Netherlands. The Amsterdam University of the Arts does not offer accommodation facilities for incoming exchange students, but there are several ways to arrange accommodation during your exchange period:

House / room swap
Your school has a bilateral agreement with the Amsterdam University of the Arts. One of the outgoing AHK students may be studying at your school during your exchange period in Amsterdam. Please inquire at the international office of your school if it is possibile to swap your house or room. 

Housing Anywhere 
If you want to sublet your room or rent a room, you can use the website HousingAnywhere.com. The AHK is a partner of this platform that specialises in short term accomodation for exchange students worldwide. More about Housing Anywhere.

The Student Hotel 
The Student Hotel has over 300 rooms in the center of Amsterdam and 700 rooms in Amsterdam West. These rooms are rented to both Dutch and foreign students. The stay can vary from one night to a whole semester and prices start from €50,- euro per night and €595,- euro per month. Permanent housing is not possible.