Call for Proposals – PD Arts +Creative 
1st Deadline     :           5 June 2023  

The AHK is looking to select one candidate to participate in the pilot  Professional Doctorate programme Arts + Creative – Level 8 EQF 

Professional Doctorate Arts + Creative

The Arts + Creative PD programme is based on artistic and/or design research that responds to a question relevant to the candidate’s art or creative practice and/or that focuses on an intervention from that practice in a specific social context or practice. 
Through the PD programme, creative professionals are formed who will be able to ‘intervene in complex practices’: that is, professionals who know how to explore and identify innovations within the complex practices of artists and designers (the innovator), who can use artistic and/or design methods to deepen practice and/or can otherwise enrich the field (the researcher), who can impact ideas around complex social challenges (the change agent). They collaborate on an equal methodical level with various actors in their research field, are able to transfer methodical and practice knowledge to these actors, as well as to other artists and designers. They are also capable of critical reflection on their own role, ethics, responsibility and accountability in deepening and renewal processes (professional) 

The Programme 
Over a period of four years (full time) or a part-time equivalent with a maximum duration of six years, a creative professional works through a combination of research and creation, learning and reflection on the required qualifications and final products. At its core are one or more arts and creative interventions, combined with a well-grounded, coherent reflection that can be presented in various communicative forms and contexts.  

The PD candidate will spend their time on: 
75%    Research 
12,5%  Receiving instruction 
12,5%  Teaching 

For the PD candidate, collective customisation means that the person performs artistic and/or design research on a self-defined project or process, receiving individual guidance from a supervisory committee that is in keeping with the specific research challenges of the project. This will be at least one lector from the AHK. In addition, the PD candidate attends common education and training components. 
Expected candidates are: 

  • Practicing artists and designers 
  • Teachers and researchers of arts and design programmes 
  • Talented graduates from master programmes in the arts 

This is a paid position with good fringe benefits (salary scale 11.4 in year one within cao-hbo) within a pilot programme which means that the official title ‘PD’ is only acknowledged by the AHK and the national committee, not yet by law. The government has started the legal process for validation, which will take several years.   
The selected candidate will be asked for a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) upon commencement of employment.  

What to do
The AHK asks prospective candidates to write a short research proposal in line with our AHK research profile: Engagement through Critical Creative Practice (1 A4) and the research fields of our Lectoraten, that summarises their research idea. This, combined with a short motivation and CV, can be sent to the AHK Research Centre:  before June 5th 2023. 
From all applicants, a top 3 will be offered to participate in a series of sessions to further develop their research proposals in September/October to eventually hand in an official PD proposal in November 2023. After a selection procedure by the Graduate Committee, one candidate will be selected to start the PD programme at AHK in January 2024.
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0,7-1 fte


salary scale 11.4 in year one within cao-hbo


Over a period of four years (full time) or a part-time equivalent with a maximum duration of six years

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