Operadagen Award 2018 for SNDO-alumnus Lester Arias Vizcuna

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Operadagen Rotterdam presents GALA! Awards ceremony for the second year in a row, in Oude Luxor Theater on Tuesday 22 May. The festive event unites opera and music theatre makers from all over the world. A raft of amazing artists will take to the stage.

The evening also sees the Operadagen Awards ceremony 2018 in recognition of special contributions to music theatre and opera. One of the Operadagen Awards 2018 is received by SNDO alumnus Lester Arias Vizcuña, graduated in 2016.

The Operadagen Awards 2018 are honoring artists who have made an important contribution to the development of contemporary opera and music theater. Congratulations go as well to co-winners: Wende, Lisa Verbelen, Meral Polat, the Rosa Ensemble and Thom Luz.

The festive presentation of the awards takes place during the GALA! event on Tuesday 22 May in Rotterdam.

Tickets are available online at www.operadagenrotterdam.nl.