DAS THIRDcycle Annual Forum 2019 comes back! - 14 December, 2019 at DAS Graduate School

THIRD praxis session

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- and then the air holds them between us. -

On Saturday 14 December, 2019 the Annual Forum on THIRDcycle research takes place at DAS Graduate School. During this day artists from dance, theatre, music and visual arts pursuing research in international educational institutions will individually and collectively present their ongoing projects in 3 blocks per 3 hours each.

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- One of the dynamics of our peer learning experience is how we put our individual resources, creative and otherwise, at the service of our colleagues to enrich and question and inform their processes and their work. In our praxis sessions we work for each other, dance for each other, think with each other. 

Part of our query in this forum is how our works and research topics will behave, interact and influence each other when existing together in the same space. Performative acts, expository moments and collaborations will all appear as an experiment of our ecosystem of study. We welcome heterogeneous manners of being with research and we invite the audience to experiment shifting modes of perception and reception as a possible pleasure. - 

THIRD Cohort 2 (
Alison Isadora, Gustavo Ciríaco, Jennifer Lacey, Mike O'Connor, Nienke Scholts, Rosie Heinrich, Siegmar Zacharias)


To know more about the structure of the day-programme, click here!

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