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Interdisciplinary Architecture/Urbanism 8-week Project

Cities change, and so do building typologies - from types of open spaces and types of neighbourhoods to preferred materials and standard building methods. In an interdisciplinary design studio with first-year master's students in architecture and urbanism, we want to explore the role of typologies and typological thinking in cities - and how they can help us deal with the global challenges we face.

Are you an inspiring, critical, motivating, and helpful professional in one of the two disciplines? Do you want to explore what typology can be between urbanism and architecture in an eight-week design studio? Do you want to challenge yourself in working with a small group of professional students? Then send us your ideas!

We envision the structure of the studio as follows:

  • Four weeks of group work in small interdisciplinary teams (typically three architecture students and one urbanism student): During this time, the group works on developing an entirely new typology, a hybrid typology or the improvement of an existing typology. This part concludes with a mid-term presentation
  • Four weeks of individual and disciplinary work where each student develops the joint typology further. The urbanism students will zoom out and develop a framework within which the typology is central. The architecture students will continue to refine the urban typology in terms of architectural elements, exploring building methods and materials.

Please send us:

  1. a brief description of your approach and method, the goals you want to reach, the didactic model you want to use, and any suggestions for a possible location or case study (max 500 words); and
  2. a short introduction of yourself as a teacher and professional designer (max 300 words).

The studio will take place on Wednesday evenings 19:30 – 22:30 between 25.01.2023 and 15.03.2023 in person at the Amsterdam Academy's premises at Waterlooplein.

Please send your proposal no later than 10 November 2022 to Henri Snel, education manager at the Academy of Architecture:

Image: 'Bring me back my Amsterdam. Poetics of restructuring' by Steven Broekhof.