Art and Pluralism - DAS Creative Producing lecture

Sunday 12 February 2023, 11:00 - 13:00 hrs.
Adyen Rokin 49
Rokin 49
1012KS Amsterdam

Current topics, art and entrepreneurship.

Monthly Sunday morning lectures organized by the master's program DAS Creative Producing in collaboration with Adyen, O2Lab and this month with Cinema De Vlugt (Oxville Foundation).

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On Sunday morning, February 12, we will present a screening of the extraordinary documentary "White balls on Walls" together with Oxville Cinema, followed by a conversation with the filmmaker, Sarah Vos.

Lecture will be in Dutch


About "White balls on Walls".

The slogan "Meet The Icons of Modern Art" is scratched off the glass wall of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. After all, who are these icons of modern art anyway? Who defines them and at whose expense? In 2019, when director Sarah Vos began filming for this documentary, some 90 percent of the art in the Stedelijk was made by white men. That has to change, according to director Rein Wolfs and the Stedelijk Museum. But it becomes apparent that this is simpler said than done as director Sarah Vos follows him and his team in their efforts to increase diversity in the collection and staff.

The camera records behind the scenes how this process raises uncomfortable and abrasive questions. Can you still call a painting "The Prostitutes"? Should you look at the artist's skin color or gender when judging art? And how do you deal with press that calls it "overly politically correct"?

White Balls on Walls is more than just a behind-the-scenes look at a museum. It is a time document that reflects the struggle that many Dutch institutions and companies are currently going through.

Sarah Vos has received multiple awards for her documentaries. Among others, she made Welcome to Holland - Campus Vught (Zilveren Zebra and Golden Calf nomination), Big Brother in the Middle East (Nipkowschijf) and Curaçao (co-directed with Sander Snoep) awarded the Prize of Dutch Film Criticism and Best of IDFA on Tour. Sarah makes the viewer part of the lives of her main characters by capturing seemingly unimportant details. The sometimes confrontational situations this creates make the viewer reflect on their own lives, empathy and ethics.

Together with Zeppers Film, she previously realized the documentaries Curaçao (2010), Hier Ben Ik (2017) (both co-directed with Sander Snoep) and De Zaak Tuitjenhorn (2019).


About Cinema De Vlugt

Cinema De Vlugt is an initiative of the Oxville Foundation. DAS Creative Producing alumnus Bas Broertjes co-founded the Oxville Foundation. "In the previous century, we could go to 'Cinema' on the August Allebéplein in Amsterdam for current film offerings. There we saw films like Hook, Bram Stoker's Dracula and Apollo 13. When the doors of Cinema closed in 1999, we had to rely on cinemas within the city ring, and we haven't had a structural film offer in Nieuw-West since. For Amsterdam's largest district, which will soon grow to 200,000 residents, this is of course incomprehensible. When Aydin Dehzad, Bas Broertjes and Carlo Dias met at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, they found out about this missing that they shared. Film is incredibly alive in Amsterdam, but in their neighborhood they could not go to the cinema.

In 2017, therefore, the Oxville Foundation was founded and since 2022 the film house Cinema De Vlugt has opened, where, just a stone's throw from Plein '40-'45, you can enjoy a current range of films tailored to your needs every day. From blockbusters to quirky international cinema. The Oxville Foundation operates from the community and involves it in their programming and activities. Their film education program for children from Nieuw-West is a textbook example of this. In 'Generation Z', 8-12 year olds from Amsterdam Nieuw-West with a clear interest in visual culture discover the exciting world of film and make the leap to the big screen in the cinema.

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About the collaboration between Adyen and the Academy for Theatre and Dance

In 2022, Adyen and the Academy for Theater and Dance will launch a special collaboration to provide a space for inspiration, reflection and action in the heart of the city of Amsterdam.

The company Adyen was founded in 2006, in the center of Amsterdam, by a group of Dutch entrepreneurs. Adyen is a payment platform that processes payments for leading companies around the world. It currently has more than 2,000 employees and 27 offices around the world. In 2021, Adyen opened additional office space on the Rokin, in the same city center where the company's journey began. In collaboration with the Academy of Theater and Dance, the company is opening its offices to Amsterdam residents to connect with, and give back to, the city of Amsterdam. Within its education, the academy explores the ways in which art can contribute to shaping the world, based on the firm belief that art can set people and the world in motion.