Research at the Amsterdam University of the Arts

Art-making requires curiosity and a mind that questions the nature of reality: art offers a commentary, welcome or not, which may or may not be of a personal nature. In supporting this inquiring approach, research is a significant part of the education the AHK provides, and is not confined to the Master’s courses. The latest practice-led research also constantly nurtures and shapes the education programmes.

Research groups

The Reinwardt Academy’s Cultural Heritage Research Group investigates dynamic heritage practices and also plays a role in socially engaged forms of dealing with heritage. The lectors are building on, among other things, the work of their predecessor, lector Peter van Mensch. 

DAS Research is part of the Academy for Theater and Dance and is led by the lecturer Marijke Hoogenboom. DAS Research invests in manifestations and research projects which engage with a broad-based issue connecting a wide range of stakeholders beyond the community of the Academy of Theatre and Dance.

The Film research group at the Netherlands Film Academy is closely linked to the Master's degree programme. The main task of the research group was to set up and lead the Master's programme and this remains the case today. The focus of the Film research group is research in and through cinema.

The Arts Education research group develops knowledge in the field of arts and cultural education through a wide range of studies and research projects. The work of the research group also feeds into developments in education and the professionalisation of teaching at the bachelor programmes Fine Art and Design in Education, Dance in Education, Music in Education and Theatre in Education; and the Arts Education research group’s multidisciplinary Master of Education in Arts programme.

The mission of the Music Research Division is twofold: to contribute to a learning environment which empowers highly talented individuals to realise their full potential, and which stimulates their artistic and intellectual curiosity; and to further the interaction between music education, professional practice and research.

The Architecture research group focuses on new design practices working within the existing context, the so-called ‘tabula scripta’ or ‘the known quantity’, in which the context is not seen as a restriction, but as an opportunity to exploit the potential of the place.

Landscape architect Sven Stremke has been appointed professor of Landscape Architecture at the Academy of Architecture and leads the research group ‘High-density energy landscapes’. His research focuses on the development of sustainable energy landscapes with special attention for the roles of design and the designer in energy transition.

The Future Urban Regions research group is a collaborative project of the six Academies of Architecture, focused on improving the city and the urban environment. The objective is to organise collaborations between the Academies and the spatial assignments of local and regional governments.