As a creative thinker, you can professionalize in a unique way: choose a shape, define lines and create colour!

Need extra knowledge: look at our courses and trainings, which offer quite a lot and often for a small fee. Looking for specific answers? Check our knowledge database or ask the student entrepreneurs from the helpdesk.


You can find the extra courses and trainings in the Calendar. They are available for you both during and after your study - whatever your need is. Each year, we organise different courses and trainings, such as:

  • Freelancer course four different modules for starting entrepreneurs read more
  • Boost Your Business for entrepreneurs with some experience and ambition to grow read more
  • Job interviews, portfolio and acquisition training for students and alumni
  • Presenting & communication training for students and alumni read more

The helpdesk gives you practical aid in the different phases of entrepreneurshop, information on taxes, grants for entrepreneurs or for a brain storm session on writing an entrepreneural plan.

To: the helpdesk

BeroepKunstenaar is the knowledge database with practical information on starting and developing a sustainable day to day practice as a freelancer or as an employer. You can find an answer to specific questions here.

To: BeroepKunstenaar

You rarely do business alone and that is why networking is very important. Visit the AHKafé regularly to build your own community. We always organize a different activity so that you can meet others in a casual and fun way.

Find out what other AHK-students are doing and what you can do for each other. Read more


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