Application and enrolment

A selection procedure applies to almost all study programmes at the AHK in connection with the limited number of places. The selection may consist of one or more auditions, an entrance examination and/or an assessment of your portfolio. The selection procedure is also a way for you to check whether an arts study programme is really something for you.

Do you know which study you want to do? In that case, please enrol for the 2019-2020 academic year! You will find the (selection) procedure that you need to follow in order to enrol on the website listing all study programmes

Please read carefully which procedure is applicable to your study programme. In the case of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and the study programmes of the Academy of Theatre and Dance, you first apply to the study programme and only enrol via Studielink after you have been admitted. The Bachelor of Cultural Heritageof the Reinwardt Academy does not have a strict selection procedure, but is the only programme to have a compulsory study choice check.

Admission requirements

The admission procedures and requirements for professional programmes in the fine and performing arts differ from one institution to another and often even from one study programme to another. To be admitted to a Bachelor’s programme at the AHK, you must, in any case, have a pre-university education (vwo), senior general secondary education (havo) or junior general secondary education (mbo level 4) diploma, or a certificate/diploma at an equivalent or higher level. For admission to a postgraduate or Master’s programme, you must, in any case, have completed a Bachelor’s programme.

Anyone who wants to begin a study programme for an arts profession must have the capacity to be employed in that profession later on. That is why high demands are set in terms of talent, skills, disciplines, motivation and – for a number of programmes – physical capacities. The way in which, and the criteria on the basis of which, the selection takes place differ per study programme and varies from doing an audition to showing your own work or writing a motivation letter. A preparatory course is a requirement for a number of programmes in the performing arts. There are also study programmes that offer orientation courses. 

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