Due to the selective admission of students, different enrolment procedures apply for arts education than with most other higher education degree programmes. That is why you must first register for the selection procedure with the degree programme yourself. This registration is not the same as enrolment and also does not oblige you to enrol. Only once you are admitted to the degree programme, can you enrol in the degree programme. An exception to this rule applies to the Bachelor’s programmes of the Netherlands Film Academy: in this case the procedure begins with your registration in Studielink.

The entry requirements in arts education vary from one institute to another and often even from one department to another. To be admitted to a bachelor's course at the AHK you must at any rate be in possession of a diploma of pre-university education (VWO), higher general secondary education (HAVO), intermediate vocational education (MBO), or an equivalent or higher diploma. For admission to a postgraduate or master's course you must at any rate be in possession of a relevant bachelor's degree.

Whoever wants to embark on a training course for a career in the arts must have the capacities to be able to work in that profession later on. High demands are made on talent, skills, discipline, motivation, and - for some types of course - physical capacities. Admission to a large number of courses in the arts is by selection. The way in which this is carried out varies from one department to another, and may consist of performing an audition, presenting your own work, or writing a motivation. A preliminary training is required for a number of courses in the performing arts. There are also courses that offer orientation courses.

You can find more information about the admission and selection procedures in the description of all study programmes offered by the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Overview of all study programmes.

Study choice check
If you are going to do a higher education degree, you are entitled to a study choice check in order to see if the degree programme you have chosen really suits you. However, this scheme is only applicable to degree programmes with an open enrolment. Within the AHK, that only applies to the Reinwardt Academy’s Bachelor of Cultural Heritage. In the case of this degree programme, you must register before 1 May in order to be guaranteed of a place. You are also entitled to a study choice check in that instance. If you register after 1 May, then the test is compulsory and it cannot be guaranteed that you will be admitted. The study choice check is not applicable to other AHK degree programmes. In the case of arts education, however, whether or not you are suitable for the degree programme is comprehensively assessed during the selection procedure already.



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