Studying at the AHK means making a conscious choice for professional arts education, and for a degree programme that demands 100% commitment from you – both physically and mentally. On the other hand, you, as the artist of tomorrow, will receive every possible assistance in order to transform your personal ambitions into the highest attainable artistic quality.


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Talent - ambition - passion - profession
Practising the arts is a way of life: enthusiasm and intensive training are necessary every day in order to get the very best out of yourself time and time again. A study at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) prepares you for that. The degree programmes at the AHK are primarily practical and aimed at the optimal development of your individual capabilities.  This often means working with (guest) teachers from the national and international professional practice. A broad selection of degree programmes and subject specialisations will provide you with the opportunity to develop yourself to the fullest and prepare for a successful career in the arts. A large degree of talent and passion, commitment and discipline is expected during your study.

Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary arts education
There is room for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration, as well as international exchanges, within the range of courses on offer at the AHK. The AHK offers you a broad orientation in the field of arts and culture, and therefore considers it important that you can gain knowledge of developments within the other arts disciplines.

This is what you can expect during your study at the AHK:

The AHK stands for excellent training: first-rate teachers help exceptionally talented students to develop their artistic identity on the basis of professional expertise and tradition, with an eye for innovation and closely intertwined with the field of work.

Excellent training entails that you, as student, receive the best possible training. The attention to quality within the degree programmes is also deeply rooted in the consciousness of our organisation. And it has paid off: our degree programmes have been considered to be the best in the country, for example, by the Options Guide for Higher Education (Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs) and the Dutch weekly news magazine Elsevier.

Each academy of the AHK has its own quality assurance plan, with which the quality of the degree programme is monitored. Student satisfaction is also monitored every year. In this way, we are continually working on improving the degree programmes for the benefit of our own students and in order to keep satisfying external requirements from, for example, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

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Would you like to discover what is happening within your arts discipline abroad? The AHK offers you many opportunities to go abroad during your study or work placement. The AHK has partnerships with schools and cultural institutions around the world.  The internationalisation coordinator can help you search for a suitable foreign institution and funding for your trip.

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Collaboration between different disciplines in the arts occurs more and more often. That is why it’s also important to become acquainted with this during your study. We strongly encourage you, therefore, to collaborate with students from another academy and/or arts discipline. There are also possibilities for receiving financial support from the AHK.

Inspiration is something you draw from many places, not least from today’s artists. In order to bring you closer to them and their work, the AHK invites numerous Artists in Residence each year. They work for a specific period ‘in house’ with students and teachers on adventurous projects in which topical developments and issues from the arts practice are handled.

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If you want to work as an artist after your study, it is important that you already get to know the business side of your field of work during your study. helps you with this. is a website of the AHK for performing, creative and teaching artists, for support professions in the performing arts and for heritage specialists. Each discipline has its own gateway: from architecture to music, and from theatre to arts education.

With the assistance of, you will quickly find your way in your future field of work. also provides alumni with relevant information, for example about starting up your own professional practice as a self-employed person or under contract. Teachers use this bilingual site as a resource for lessons about entrepreneurship.

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An intensive arts education requires an environment in which you can study healthily and safely. Different study programmes have facilities with regard to health promotion and injury prevention. In addition, the AHK offers the training session ‘planning and time management’, and a ‘study-related stress/fear of failure’ training course in the autumn. You can always contact the student counsellor or the Study + Disability coordinator in order to look at your personal circumstances together.

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During your study, you will have access to all libraries or media libraries that the academies of the AHK have. You can also make use of the libraries of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). In this way, you will always have the information that you need for your study within hand’s reach.

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As a student, you will often receive a discount upon presentation of your student card and proof of enrolment. On weekdays, you can go to Artis zoo for just €3 and via you can receive a discount on software. You can make use of the facilities of the fitness chains Fit For Free, SportCity and Achmea Health Center at reduced rates. Furthermore, you can exercise at a discount at the USC, the sports centre of the UvA.

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