INVITATION: Research Ecologies LAB

Research Ecologies LAB

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Date: January 19th 13:00-17:00 + drinks & snacks 
With: Nick Shepherd, Marlies Vermeulen & Aymeric Mansoux

RESEARCH ECOLOGIES, the first LAB of the Local School on doing artistic research - by and for researchers who are working in performing- and other fields of the arts. 

Our proposal for this first encounter is to focus on questions concerning the ‘ecologies’ of research, or in other words: the different sorts of context that we meet or initiate. 

We invite you to join the LAB in one of three parallel work-sessions, led by these inspiring guest: Nick Shepherd (professor in Archaeology and Heritage Studies, Aarhus University), Marlies Vermeulen/Dear Hunter (spatio-architect from Belgium) and Aymeric Mansoux (head of PUBX experimental publishing MA at Piet Zwart Rotterdam). We are very excited that they will be sharing with us their rich artistic practices and modes of research in very different fields; archaeology/history, architecture/cartography, and multi media/publishing. 

Download the three LAB descriptions

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Register by sending an email to:
Please mention: your name, background and the work session you want to attend. 
There is a limited capacity of 45 people in total, full = full.