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We are very please to announce the full programme of our first THIRD Annual Forum. Read all about our researchers, and their guests/respondents/moderators. 

On Friday 14th December and Saturday 15th December the first public Annual Forum on 3rd cycle research will take place at DAS Graduate School. During this special weekend artists from dance, theatre and film pursuing research in educational institutions throughout Europe will individually and collectively present their ongoing projects in parallel sessions.

With: Agnese Cornelio, Alice Chauchat, David Weber-Krebs, Emilie Gallier, Edit Kaldor, Julien Bruneau, Suzan Tunca, and Augusto Corrieri, Bart Philipsen, Bojana Kunst, Eyal Sivan, Janneke Wesseling, Jennifer Lacey, Jeroen Peeters, Margarida Guia, Rosie Heinrich, Siegmar Zacharias

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Location: DAS Graduate School and Perdu, Amsterdam