Now, Not Now and Now - graduation project in NDSM-theater via live stream

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Now, Not Now and Now is is a research into identity as a poetic theatre-work built around an installation in the NDSM-theatre. Graduation project by Paul Boereboom (Scenography), Alberto Quirico (Modern Theatre Dance) and Dries Himpe (Production and Stage Management).

Somewhere in the space in between my physical body and the outside world an exchange takes place. What does this exchange mean for my identity? Who I am, where I am, where I stand, where I exist and if I exist? In what sense does the space outside of my physical body determine my path? Is the word outside even relevant? and if so, where do we then draw a line between in and out? My identity moves, is constantly changing and evolving, fluently shifting between shape, form and size.  

Visible via Live Stream from the NDSM-theatre on the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st of March at 20.30

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Director: Pim Veulings, scenographer: Paul Boereboom*, composer: Mitchell Lee-van Rooij, performer: Charlotte Dommershausen, performer: Korneel Defrancq, performer: Alberto Quirico*, performer: Gaspard Schmitt, technical producer: Anique van Laar, production: Dries Himpe*, technical crew (video): Lennart Esser, technical crew (light): Sander Schaart

*Graduation piece

This work is supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Stichting Melanie, Over het IJ, VR Academy and the Academy of Theater and Dance.