Ballet Unleashed offers new, enduring career pathway for young dancers

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Dutch National Ballet Academy, Canada’s National Ballet School and The Palucca University of Dance Dresden, in collaboration with eight other educational dance institutions, are excited to announce the creation of Ballet Unleashed, a new project-based dance company for young artists.

An innovative, enduring pathway for artists, Ballet Unleashed brings choreographers together with young dancers to explore new ways of creating dance, share artistic ideas and collaborate on a wide range of creative ballet projects. Born in response to the global pandemic, Ballet Unleashed aims to facilitate global connections between artists and audiences to create performances long into the future.

Together, choreographers and dancers will bring creative projects to life beyond traditional approaches and presentation formats. The first project will be led by world-renowned choreographer Cathy Marston and is due to start in April 2021. To start, all 2020 and 2021 graduates of the 11 affiliate training institutions can apply. Further projects are planned.

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