Eleven new proposals selected for funding by third round of DAS Research Development fund

Tiana Hemlock-Yensen(Teacher, SNDO) Things aren’t fixed: imagine

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In October 2022, DAS Research – the lectorate of the ATD – held the third round of an open call for small research development projects to be funded by DAS Research.

Twenty-six applications were received – from teachers, tutors, BA and MA students and researchers - and were reviewed by the selection committee: Anthony Heidweiller, Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca, Fien Bloemen and Marijn de Langen. Eleven proposals were selected for funding.

The committee were very pleased that this third round includes collaborative applications from groups of artistic leaders, teachers and students working together, as well as student applications from students working across different departments and with different academies.

These eleven applications were selected:

  • Anllel Tanus Guillen(Bachelors student, SNDO) Movement Practices in the Latinx territories and diasporas. Its power and memory. 
  • Lou Seidel, Tabula Raas, Joelina Spiess, Toni Kritzner, Inge Gutzeit(Bachelors students, Directing & Scenography) kein hexenwerk magazine
  • Maija Hirvanen, Ingrid Vranken, Flavia Pinheiro, Toni Kritzner(THIRD Fellows, artistic leader DAS Theatre, Bachelors student, Directing) PLANT PERFORMANCE PRACTICES - research group
  • Bita Bell(THIRD Fellow) How to protest alone: Embodied practices of care and choreographies of resistance. Comparative Study of Vida Movahed (The Girls of Revolution Street) and Naked Athena
  • Rūta Junevičiūtė(Bachelors student, SNDO) Translating post-socialist experiences in the post-colonial context: the Global East and the Aesopian utterance
  • Aster Arribas(Teacher, SNDO) Rubbing – a pleasure praxis
  • Rebekka Bangerter, Wojciech Grudziński, Fariborz Karimi, Agat Sharma, Isadora Tomasi, Piotr Urbaniec(Masters participants, DAS Theatre) - living with the dead: a collective attempt to re-learn grief
  • Lara Staal & Agat Sharma(Tutor and Masters participant, DAS Theatre) Intuitive lexicon of political art language
  • Tim Vervenne(Bachelors student, Docent Dans) The Essence of Animalistic Movement Principles for the Human Body
  • Alexandra Loembé(Teacher, Docent Dans and 5 O’Clock Class) Een intieme dansvoorstelling voor de allerkleinsten/An intimate dance performance for the little ones
  • Tiana Hemlock-Yensen(Teacher, SNDO) Things aren’t fixed: imagine

Sharing projects from the Open Call - ATD Research Month, January 2023

Projects that have previously been selected for funding by the Open Call share their results with the wider community of the ATD. One context in which people can do that is the forthcoming ATD Research Month program in January 2023.

This will include an Open Call Film Screening event @IDlab on January 16th – a screening of short films and other audiovisual material related to research projects funded by the Open Call in IDlab, including contributions by Melyn Chow; Flavia Pinheiro; Amisha Kumra + other researchers (tbc).