RAGAZZI wins the Dutch Jazz & Crossover Competition 2022

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On Saturday evening the band RAGAZZI, who will continue under the new name Woodcraft, won both the prize for the Best Band and the Audience Award of the Dutch Jazz & Crossover Competition 2022. Cellist Joshua Herwig plays among others in the band; he's a student of Mick Stirling and Jeffrey Bruinsma at the Classical and Jazz department of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. During the competition, participating bands are judged on the degree of virtuosity and teamwork. But what is also taken into account is whether the band can make a connection with the audience, whether it possesses originality and pushes jazz further towards innovation. The chairman of the professional jury, Will Maas, motivated the choice of RAGAZZI as follows: “With the line-up of cellos and violins, which is unique for jazz, the sublime interplay, the jointly worked out compositions and the inventive arrangements, RAGAZZI kept both the audience and the jury on the edge of their seat.” RAGAZZI wins a cash prize of € 8,000 and a tour of relevant festivals. Congratulations, RAGAZZI!