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shy* play invites you to a series of performative events created in collaboration with Angelo Custodio, Karime Salame Sainz and Rajni Shah. For these events, PuntWG will act as a laboratory where shy* play will collaborate with visiting humans and more-than-humans in exploring techniques that employ the voice, space, relationality, and performativity. A 300 meter-long fabric of various textures and opacities will become a space-shifter and facilitator throughout the project's duration.

shy* play is a DAS Research project initiated by aster arribas and antje nestel, that operates at the intersection between art-as-process, (un)learning and neurodiversity. *shy is used here as a shorthand for shyness, introversion, and neurodivergence. The asterisk gestures a refusal to adhere to a final form of fixed categories.

For this occasion there are three different kinds of events: workshops exploring non-neurotypical relationality through embodied techniques, lounging sessions where participants can freely engage with the installation, and reading groups which emphasize listening.

All upcoming shy* play events are organised for a limited number of visitors so make sure to sign up.
For more info and to sign up click here:

PuntWG: WG Plein t/o nr 80, 1054 DM Amsterdam, NL