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Leanne Betasamosake Simpson - Artist in Residence 2024
Leanne Betasamosake Simpson - New AHK Artist in Residence 2024
ECD students and teachers worked from 9-13 January with Thomas “Talawa” Prestø
Winter School with Artist in Residence Mari Bastashevski
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New Artist in Residence: Pablo Martinez-Zárate
School of Unlearning 2022
Conversation series 'Beyond Peak Indifference'
Publication Winter School Building Conversation 2019-2020
Bruno Doedens Artist in Residence
Winter School 2020 begins with a new Artist in Residence: Building Conversation
New publication: Clay City – Alexander Brodsky, Artist in Residence
Artist in Residence: masterclasses on art, design and urbanism
Hackathons by Vesna Petresin 20 - 22 September - Sign Up Now!
5 September HALf6 with Vesna Petresin - Media + Imagination: The Real in The Virtual
Second Edition 'Training the Future: Context, Difference and Awareness in Dance Education' starts on September 2nd
Drawing Artist in Residence Alexander Brodsky on display at Cityscapes Foundation
Vesna Petresin presents: Media + Imagination
Publication of 'Silent Occupation'
Publication of 'Me and the Tourist'
Alexander Brodsky meets Brodsky Quartet
Artist in Residence: 'Training the Future: Context, Difference and Awareness in Dance Education'
Winter School 2019 with Artist in Residence Alexander Brodsky
New publication: The Walking Seminar
Visit symposium and exhibition 'Teacher as conceptual artist'
Drake Music Artist in Residence at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Open Studio about Virtual Reality by Vesna Petresin on Thursday March 8
Breitner Academy and Jan Hoek present Me and the Tourist: an exhibition about Amsterdam and its tourists
Two winning projects in Winter School 2018
Jorge Lucero new Artist in Residence at the Arts Education research group
Master of Museology holds Winter School in collaboration with Artis Zoo
New AIR for Academy of Architecture is Sarah van Sonsbeeck
AIR 2017 draws students outside Academy walls
WijkSafari: My adoptive father in Amsterdam North
Winter School with Artist in Residence Jeroen Musch
Quinsy Gario invited by SNDO and Regie Opleiding - AIR Artist in Residence
Jyoti Mistry: winner of the CILECT teaching award 2016
Stephen Wilson: No Nothing, Black Out, Accelerate
Jeremiah Day on Art Practice in Public Life. Non-Utopian Potentials and Non-Cynical Limits
New series of HALf6: Monday 16 March with director Katie Mitchell
Presentation in EYE by Franz Rodenkichen, Artist in Residence at the Master Film
Michiel Schwarz Artist in Residence with Academy of Architecture and Reinwardt Academy
Authentic Boys Artist in Residence at Master of Education in Arts
Martijn Engelbregt Artist in Residence at Production and Stage Management
Franz Rodenkirchen Artist in Residence with master Film
Choreographer Ugo Dehaes Artist in Residence for Modern Theatre Dance and Production and Stage Management study programmes
Artist in Residence Benoît Lachambre at the School for New Dance Development
Jeanne van Heeswijk Artist in Residence at the Academy of Architecture