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In spite of the corona crisis, staff and students of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) are sharing their creativity. In the past weeks, online education has been developed across the University and the AHK community has shown that there is still life in the arts. See what their creativity is accomplishing on this page and what you can do if you’re in danger of becoming bored. In the coming period, we will continue adding new initiatives to this page, offering a glimmer of hope in turbulent times. 


Online festival re-CONNECT
From 26 June to 12 July the Academy of Theatre and Dance presents its talented new generation of students during the re-CONNECT online live graduation festival. More information: re-connectfestival.nl


Graduation performance through Zoom
The graduation performance by Chaja van Kollem (Theatre in Education) will take place on Zoom. Te midden van hier en daar is an online musical story about distanced contact. What do I see when I look inside the other person? What does the inner world viewing-box look like? In which puppet theatre are we now? More information

Students celebrate Liberation Day
This is how the Music in Education students have celebrated Liberation Day on the 5th of May!


International dance project
The Dutch National Ballet Academy is proud to participate in an online choreographic project with 120 young dancers at the invitation of the renowned Royal Ballet School in London. Together with students from international ballet schools the NBA students embark on a choreographic creation process that takes place entirely online. Read more




AHK Support Fund
The corona crisis has enormous consequences for our students: they lose their internship, their (side) job, their performances and some international students cannot return home. The AHK has started a support fund for students in serious financial distress. This way we hope we can provide some relief to these particular students during this difficult time. If you'd like to donate, apply or read more about the support fund, please visit the website AHK Support Fund



Messages from a hushed world
Students from the Netherlands Film Academy have initiated the platform 'Berichten uit een verstilde wereld' (Messages from a hushed world). The site is filled with lovely ‘coronaikus’ (corona-themed haikus) and beautiful images.

Quarantaine Concerts by ATKA alumni
ATKA alumni have set up a ‘Home delivery’ for music, where people can request a song for free for someone who needs it. Do you know someone who has to stay indoors, is a bit down and has a favorite song? Send an email to quarantaineconcert@gmail.com. To arrange a moment when the person opens his window and musicians come to play the song as a surprise! Visit the Facebook page of Quarantaine Concert



Appropriate debut single 'Raamkozijn'
Pop student Julia Schellekens was supposed to perform her graduation show Juliet during MayDays in the Amsterdam concert venue and cultural centre the Melkweg, but is currently stuck at home. She decided not to throw in the towel and launched her debut single Raamkozijn (Window Frame). ‘An ode to my neighbour and how we are both the silent spectators of each other’s lives when night falls.’ Website Juliet

The Netherlands Film Academy has launched a video challenge. The first theme is Liefde in tijden van corona (Love in the time of corona) ♥️ Anything is allowed and anyone can take part! See the first results on Instagram.



'In the middle of a good conversation, for example, we see a cup of milk crash to the floor and a cat climbing the curtains in the background. In both cases followed by a head disappearing out of picture, mild swearing and ‘Sorry, here I am again’.'
Reinwardt lecturer Bob Crezee about awkward video calling

Lockdown lessons 
Students from the Master of Education in Arts are responding to the need for arts education in these extraordinary times of social distancing. They have designed a website in order to bring art lessons to your home. Take a look at lockdownlessen.nl



BeroepKunstenaar: FAQ & tips corona crisis
The measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus have enormous consequences for everyone in the arts and cultural sector. On this page, you will find regular updates about (financial) support. Explore what you can do in order to get through this period as well as possible and so that you will be well prepared to carry on in the near future. Read more

Europa – Kunst in context - online lectures
AHK students and staff can now follow the lectures series Europa – Kunst in context (Europe – Art in context) online (in Dutch). How does present-day Europe relate to the history of the arts, politics, philosophy and the history of ideas? You will find the links in the news message in MyAHK.

Tips from the libraries

Teacher printing masks for the healthcare sector
Giel van Geloven, Sound Design teacher at the Netherlands Film Academy has picked up the 3D printer and is printing masks for the healthcare sector in collaboration with Makers4All and Schone Bakkes. Other volunteers are cutting plastic sheets for the face shields. The 3D model can be downloaded here


Javaplein Passion Project
Students and alumni of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam are continuing to make music together. The video of a balcony concert was featured on the Dutch news broadcast NOS-journaal. ‘We are an international group of young musicians, who live as neighbours in Amsterdam. We are happy that we can use our unique living situation for something beautiful: making music together in these difficult times’, according to the Javaplein Passion Project.

Quarantine podcast Gijs de Korte
Gijs de Korte (student of the Academy of Theatre and Dance) has started a quarantine podcast, in which the new generation of artists are given a platform to speak. The aim of this podcasts: to make quarantine existence a little more bearable. ‘We are counting down the days until we are allowed outside again together’, according to Gijs. Listen to the podcast (in Dutch)

Film Academy final examination films
During this period, the Netherlands Film Academy will be sharing final examination films made by alumni on a regular basis, which you can watch on NPO Start. Check the films

Online education Academy of Architecture
The Academy of Architecture has organised practically all its education online at this time. The first assignments will be shared online. It is wonderful to see how lecturers, students and support staff are doing their best to offer online lessons.

Let's stay connected
Such silence... the Academy of Theatre and Dance is closed but there is a new space created online. Virtual classrooms and improvised work floors from attics to kitchen tables. Everyone speaks to each other via a screen. Let's stay connected! Follow the students of the Academy of Theatre and Dance on Facebook and Instagram.


Art assignments for secondary schools
ArtechLAB Amsterdam is making actual art assignments available, which pupils can work on in the coming time. We are curious about the results, so sharing is appreciated #breitnerkunstles (image: #monachalabi). See the art assignments (in Dutch)


Corona & heritage
What effect will the corona pandemic have on heritage institutions and how can the sector contribute to a broad social debate and greater understanding? Menno Welling, lecturer at the Reinwardt Academy, asks this question in a post. Read the article (in Dutch)



Keep in touch! You can email tips on creative AHK initiatives during the corona crisis to webredactie@ahk.nl