Help our students in need!

The corona crisis has enormous consequences for our students: they lose their internship, their (side) job, their performances and some international students cannot return home. These students need your help!

We help our students where possible. We provide online education, offer individual counseling and try to limit any study delay as much as possible. However, we cannot remove all concerns; the corona crisis also affects students financially. We cannot ignore these signals. We have set up the AHK support fund to provide some relief to our students in serious financial distress.

This support fund is intended for students who have no chance of receiving an extra loan from DUO, or facilities from the government or municipality.

Alumni, companies, employees, parents, (fellow) students: will you contribute? Every contribution, big or small, is more than welcome!

The Amsterdam University of the Arts foundation has been recognised as a 'Public Utility Aiming Institution' (ANBI). Donations from donors are welcome. Thanks to this ANBI status, there are tax and financial benefits in terms of gift and inheritance tax, corporate and income tax.

If you are a student and you wish to apply for the support fund, please go to MyAHK for more info.


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and help our students in need!