Authentic Boys Artist in Residence at Master of Education in Arts

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From September 2013 the international artists' collective Authentic Boys will be the guest Artist in Residence (AIR) of the Master of Education in Arts course at Amsterdam School of the Arts. The collective will introduce the students to innovative artistic practice and involve them in interdisciplinary artistic processes.


Interdisciplinary collaboration is becoming increasingly important in contemporary art practice. Authentic Boys bring together a variety of artistic disciplines in their exploration of the boundaries between film, visual art, and theatre. Their highly specific approach will inspire students and spur them on to develop educational programmes in their own entirely personal way. The collaboration will focus primarily on engaging with diversity in arts education, with additional attention being paid to cultural entrepreneurship.

The Authentic Boys is an international collective creating art projects that relate directly with society, and this connects perfectly with what is known as altermodern art education, an ongoing line of research being carried out by Arts Education research group, which is affiliated with the Arts Education masters course.

The programme will include various workshops, lectures and master classes that are also open to lecturers at the four teacher training courses at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (Fine Arts, Dance, Music and Theatre), as well as alumni of the Arts Education masters. The residency will conclude with a performance at Symposium Skills 21 v2.0 by first-year students following the course. The symposium itself will be organised in 2014 by the LKCA, with the arts education masters course as its collaborating partner. This national event taking place in March 2014 will also bring the results of the residency to a broader general public.

About Authentic Boys
Authentic Boys is an international artists’ collective. Its members are the performers Gregory Stauffer and Johannes Dullin (Geneva/Berlin) and the filmmakers Boris van Hoof and Aaike Stuart (Rotterdam/Berlin). The group operates in an interdisciplinary context, exploring the boundaries between film, the visual arts and theatre. The Authentic Boys are continually searching for ways to engage with their immediate environment in an intuitive and reflective way. Humour is important instrument for the group, which it uses deliberately to place the everyday in a different perspective and wrongfoot spectators. Their wide-ranging work – which includes performances (Natural Fiction Circus), video and installation work (Tribal Man), and photo series (Rehearsing Revolution) – appears at theatres, arts centres and film festivals.

The Artist in Residence (AIR) programme is run by the Art Practice and Development research group in collaboration with the various institutes making up Amsterdam School of the Arts. The results of the AIR programme are disseminated inside and outside the school through the ON AIR periodical.

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