Amsterdam Academy of Architecture’s Master’s programmes assessed as ‘good’ again

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The Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVA0) has positively assessed the Master’s programmes in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism and accredited them for the coming six years. The study programmes scored ‘good’ in all aspects.

The visitation panel delivered a joint opinion on the three study programmes due to the strong mutual connection within the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. The multidisciplinarity - the Academy is the only educational institution that combines the three spatial design disciplines within its walls - was praised by the committee as ‘strong and in keeping with the current practice’. The panel was of the opinion that the curriculum was set up in a ‘very well thought’ manner, on the basis of a strong vision and a broad body of ideas. It promotes cooperation between disciplines, fulfills requirements to be able to react flexibly to developments, and offers sufficient attention for internationalisation across the range of study programmes.

One characteristic of the didactic concept is the ‘concurrent’ educational model, in which study and professional experience go hand in hand. According to the committee, all three study programmes tie in well the field of work due to, among other things, the efforts of qualitatively good teachers who bring current practice into the education via the ‘master-trainee method’. Students notice that the ‘school is larger than the building’.

Finally, the panel was impressed by the ‘content-oriented, relatively unbureaucratic and careful’ assessment methodology that the Academy applies. By testing knowledge and skills on the one hands and their result for the professional development on the other hand, the integral development of the student is safeguarded. In this way, the Academy guarantees the training of good designers, according to the report, and gives ‘unique talents the opportunity to excel’. This is confirmed by the various (nominations for) professional prizes that alumni win.

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