4 nominations for Archiprix NL and an audience award at the closure of the Graduation Show 2016

From left: Ramon Scharff, Michael van Bergen, Sweder Spanjer

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At the close of the Graduation Show 2016 on Sunday 6 November, the four graduation projects that will be allowed to participate in the Archiprix NL, the prestigious prize for graduating talent from the Dutch design study programmes, were announced. An audience award was also presented.

The exhibition with entries from the students of the Master’s programmes in Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture was opened by Kirsten Hannema on Friday 6 November. Chief Government Architect Floris Alkemade served as visiting critic. On behalf of the jury, Madeleine Maaskant (director of the Academy) announced the four nominations for the Archiprix. The audience award was presented by Ronald Hooft.

The nominations The graduation projects nominated for participation in the Archiprix NL are: 'New Life for the Dead' by Michael van Bergen. ‘The House of the City' by Ramon Scharff. 'Marcy Houses' by Hans Maarten Wikkerink, And 'Forever Travelling' by Sweder Spanjer.

Audience award
Votes could be cast on this website for the audience award once again this year. Ronald Hooft announced the winner: Laura van de Pol with here graduation project 'Urban Mangrove'.

The presentation of the Archiprix will take place in June 2017. The nominated students will receive an allowance from the Academy in order to perfect their graduation project. All graduation projects can be seen here.