Reinwardt introduces training programme for Indonesian Heritage Professionals

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The Reinwardt Academy is happy to announce the inception of a Sustainable Capacity Building Programme for Indonesian Heritage Professionals (2018 – 2021). Various Indonesian museums and heritage institutions have expressed the need to increase their professional expertise to meet growing demands of both internal and international markets. As a result a joint venture, with support of the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta, was created to be able to develop a professional training programme.

In the Netherlands three parties joined forces to make this training programme possible: the Reinwardt Academy, The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and Heritage Hands On. The Reinwardt Academy is represented by Ruben Smit – Senior Lecturer and Coordinator International Projects.

This three year training programme is aiming at professional capacity building for Indonesian museum and cultural heritage professionals. E.g. Museum staff members in a middle management position dealing with:
Collection Management (e.g. registration, conservation, storing, packaging and transportation)
Exhibition Development (e.g. planning, presentation, spatial and graphic design, exhibiting)
Audience Development (e.g. education, learning, tour-guiding, social-events, storytelling)
Museum Management (e.g. project-management, marketing, PR, strategic planning and executing)

The inception of such a training programme is always a reciprocal process, since our lecturers learn from the local knowledge of the Indonesian heritage professionals and transfer this directly to our students in Amsterdam. For more information please contact Alexandra van Dijk, coordinator international programmes: