Master’s students present internship research plans

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At the Farewell Symposium, six master’s students presented the plans for their internship research. Feedback from both teachers and fellow students allowed them to refine their plans.

The next six months, students of the master’s programme in Museology will be doing their internship research at organizations in the Netherlands and abroad. At the so-called Farewell Symposium, six students presented their research plans to teachers and fellow students. Charlotte Faber kicked off with her upcoming research on whether the Holocaust Museum should show death, violence and nakedness in their photos or not. How do visitors feel about this? And do they get a say in the exhibition design process?

Next up was Hana Matsuura, who will be conceptualizing a new museum around six Roman ships that were excavated in the Dutch town of Zwammerdam. The biggest challenge to face is how to keep such a museum interesting for visitors. Isabel Palumbo must rise to a similar challenge during her internship at the Tropenmuseum. Here she will be developing an educational programme to make colonial collections more inclusive and engaging for high school students.

Humour in the museum field
Allie Ruddock is going to New York for her research internship. At the International Print Center she will examine humour as a new methodology to deal with collections and the public. Camila Michelini will look at how the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision can make their collection more accessible to the visually impaired, using a multi-sensory approach. And finally, at Museum Van Loon, Naveen Beesa will examine the role of management in a private museum.

After the presentations, it was time for drinks. The Farewell Symposium is the last time the master’s students are together as a group before graduating.