NBA Choreographic Project

Atomos - Dancers of Tomorrow, photo: Antoinette Mooy

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The first edition of our new Choreographic Project started recently and will continue in the coming weeks. In this project, pupils from NBA 5, 6 and 7 and Bachelor’s students get the opportunity to create their own works and thereby discover and develop their choreographic talent.

No fewer than 20 upcoming choreographers from the academy signed up for the project, as well as a young outside choreographer who has been active for some time already: Sedrig Verwoert (ex-student of the Urban Contemporary/JMD course, at the Academy of Theatre and Dance). Everything involved in the creative process is arranged by the choreographers themselves: finding dancers who are willing to cooperate, scheduling rehearsals and organising costumes, etc. The 21 choreographic works will be shown at an informal presentation on 7 November. Some of them will also be presented at one of the demonstration performances in December.