The Artistic Research Week 2020 starts October 2 (and can be followed through livestream)

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Misho Antadze, Alberto Delgado de Ita, Federico Sande Novo, Juan Palacios, and Sophie Wright, present the outcome of their two year artistic research journey. Coming from all over the world, these filmmakers and visual artists, each in their own way, dealt in an incredible way with the change of working that the lockdown and covid19 demanded earlier this year. They have dived into the state of suspension, explored it, and have been making rich propositions and challenging works.

In SUSPENSION POINTS, they share their findings with you through (moving) images, sounds and words. Join us to view their films (in progress), installations, publications, presentations and lecture-performances.

The full programme will also be available through livestream. The links will be available on Friday 2 October on