Kromhoutlecture 2020 Bengin Dawod

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‘Reconstruction is not just a question of stacking bricks. More is needed for the soul of a city.’

Alumnus Bengin Dawod presents himself as an urban designer with a mission. He was the key note speaker for this year's Kromhoutlecture. In 2018, Dawod graduated with the project ‘The Soul of the City’, which was about the opportunities presented by the reconstruction of the city Aleppo. Complicated assignments force you, as an urban designer, to assume the role of a strategist too. The cooperation with stakeholders is essential to the success of complex processes. In practice, this is often no easy task. Watch the recording of the lecture to learn more about the way Dawod sheds a light on these types of issues.

Photo: Swisspeace workshop in Basel, Swiss (c) Joel Plattner