AHK chooses sustainable flower supplier

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The AHK is going to collaborate with a sustainable flower supplier: The Flower Family. Sustainable flowers, social impact and clean logistics in the city centre are three important criteria on which The Flower Family makes an impact.

The Flower Family was founded three years ago by two childhood friends who wanted to be meaningful to people and the environment. They now work closely with 52 Dutch growers who have an eye for sustainability and the environment. Because of the liveability of the city, the delivery of flowers in the centre of Amsterdam will be done with electric carts and delivery bicycles. In addition, nine people with a disadvantage on the labour market - called 'Talents' - are now employed: a flower stylist, a developer, a delivery driver, an accountant, a plant carer and four production workers.

The AHK is looking forward to a long-lasting cooperation with The Flower Family: more talents blossoming, a cleaner city centre and stylish sustainable flowers that will bring a smile to many residents of Amsterdam - flowering a better world!