Open Call: ATD Lectorate Research Development fund

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DAS Research is the lectorate of the Academy of Theatre and Dance. The research department is based at DAS Graduate School but is open to and represents the whole ATD. It includes research groups in Embodied Knowledge and Creative Producing, as well as the THIRD programme, which supports the development of artistic research in the 3rd cycle. The Head of DAS Research is the Lector, Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca.

With this call we would like to invite proposals for research activities and small projects to be funded by the ATD Lectorate, DAS Research.

This call is open to all current staff, students and tutors/coaches at the ATD, with any level of experience of research: from those who are just beginning to explore themselves as researchers to established researchers.

For what?
We welcome proposals for any activity or small project that allows people to conduct research, develop themselves as researchers and/or contribute to an inspiring collective research culture for the whole ATD.

DAS Research works with a broad, over-arching definition of research as a process of investigation or inquiry which leads to new insights that are effectively shared with others. Our focus is particularly on “practice research”: understood as research conducted through practice in the arts and education, and on practice-based research that is focussed on questions coming from the arts but may use other approaches including scholarship.

Research activities and projects can take many forms. For a brief description of the projects funded in the last round of the open call, see:

Other examples include:

  • Doing a practical research project in a studio, classroom, professional context
  • Doing ‘fieldwork’ in another location
  • Conducting interviews with artists, writers, practitioners, communities, experts or other people relevant to a research project
  • Attending or presenting research at a conference, festival or other research gathering: time to write proposal, prepare presentation etc.
  • For teachers: Time to prepare a publication: write an article or prepare artistic research for publication (audio-video etc.)
  • Invite a guest researcher to the ATD for a seminar, workshop etc. on an urgent topic or question; host a “mini-event” on a research question or topic; host a dialogue or exchange around a text, question, urgency, object, location etc.
  • Collaboration on research with a colleague
  • Seed-funding for a ‘try out’ of an idea for a research project
  • Writing a research proposal, eg. application for external research funding, research residency, project proposal, publication proposal etc.

How to apply?
Please download and complete the research proposal form(Word). If you have questions about the form, please do get in touch with the Lector, Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca

The total money available for this call is €9000 from the budget of DAS Research, the lectorate of the ATD. In order to support research activity across a variety of departments / communities, no single project will receive more than €1000. If you require additional budget in order for your activity to happen then please make clear how you plan to secure those additional funds.

Proposals will be reviewed by a selection committee of representatives from the ATD on the basis of the following criteria:

1) The clarity and quality of the proposal

2) The feasibility of the project within the time and budget.

3) The extent to which the proposal has considered how the activity can benefit others within the ATD.


Proposed projects must:

  • Be connected to education at the ATD
  • Involve more than one department / program of the ATD
  • Be shared and/or presented to the wider ATD community – ideally in the context of an ATD Research Month

Students: Please note that if the outcome of the Open Call activities is part of your current educational program, then you cannot apply for money to pay for your own time, only for money to be spend on other costs incurred by the research

Please submit proposals to Marilixe Beernink in the ATD Lectorate / DAS Research: by 1st October 2022. Decisions will be provided by 1st November. Funds awarded must be spent before the summer vacation.

For more information or questions: