Directors Jan Taks and Nicole Pul on the Mime School's Start Project in October

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The Mime School traditionally starts the academic year with two Start Projects. One of the Start Projects will take place this year in the Theaterzaal of Academy of Theatre and Dance. The second-, third- and fourth-year students of the Mime programme will present themselves in a joint performance from 6 to 8 October (dates subject to change).

The concept of the performance is by Mime teacher Jan Taks. Nicole Pul and Jan Taks are jointly responsible for directing and the music is by Oscar Jan Hoogland.

'The inspiration for this Start Project is the human survival mechanism,' say directors Jan Taks and Nicole Pul. 'The resilience of people facing their end. One of the best challenges of working with the mime students is that we can share our fascinations with each other,' they say. 'Not only us as directors, but also the audience is going to be introduced to new theatre personalities.'

'With this Start Project, we want to create an integral piece, with a clear eloquence without bringing a linear theatre narrative. Once the audience has left the theatre, we hope that the big themes continue to reverberate in the spectator's imagination.'