Graduation performance Dance in Education: IMPRINT PART 1 & PART 2

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Save the date! On February Friday 24 and Saturday 25, students of the Dance in Education study programme will stage their graduate project with dancers from the non-professional dance scene.

STUNT, the collective term for this study component is the perfect opportunity for students to work with dance enthusiasts and a chance for dance enthusiasts to work with choreographers. For STUNT, each maker will create a choreography with non-professionals. The organisation of the whole project is in the hands of the students. Beside the dance performances and the selection of the dancers, they are also responsible for organising and promoting the event, communicating with ATT and all other imaginable issues that need to be coordinated by the DD4 production team.    

IMPRINT is the name of the DD4 production. Each of us, in this last year, can leave an impression on the Dance in Education study programme and the AHK. IMPRINT is a production made up of 16 diverse, inspiring pieces. Are you curious about the dance and creativity of our graduates? Keep tabs on our socials (Instagram). And check out the ATD-agenda for details on performance dates and times.

Need more information? Check out the short interview with one of our makers, Quincy Otgaar below.   

‘’What’s so special about Stunt?’’ 
Quincy Otgaar: ‘’What I like most about Stunt is working with different kinds of people. You’re free to engage with older people, teenagers, children etc. So you learn to work with various age groups which is great fun! I’ve chosen to work with an older woman and a younger person. This means I have to find dance movements that function for both of them. During rehearsals we often have enjoyable conversations that can even get quite emotional due to experiences relating to movement and the feelings they trigger. 

In other words: Dance brings people together. By setting us in motion, dance generates joy and experience. 
Save the date and don’t miss it! Be there or be …

Interview and text by Janna Hennie Marlie Salomé (student DD4).