Ensemble Black Pencil winner of ‘New Geneco Fair Practice Award 2023’

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Ensemble Black Pencil has been awarded the New Geneco Fair Practice Award 2023 during Gaudeamus Music Week  for their tireless efforts and commitment to fair and sustainable practice in new music.
Two CvA principal subject teachers, recorder player Jorge Isaac and panpipes player Matthijs Koene, are members of Ensemble Black Pencil.

From the jury report: 'Ensemble Black Pencil distinguishes itself by providing year after year of composition commissions for their unusual and challenging line-up. With the project Into Space, Black Pencil gave several commissions to Calliope Tsoupaki, Arnoud Noordegraaf, Aart Strootman and Meriç Artaç, among others, in which Flevoland, Land Art and new music inspire each other, under the motto bold new land, bold new compositions. In the jury's opinion, the project serves as an example of "think global, act local.'"