Earport Amsterdam is an dazzling musical marathon featuring more than 100 Amsterdam-based musicians with very diverse roots playing together in a single continual concert.
These musical pioneers from all over the city who came together in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam included artists ranging from sample artist Eboman to gypsy violinist Nello Mirando, and from Fra Fra Sound and their Caribbean jazz to concert pianist Marius van Paassen.
Composer Paul Oomen hosted the musicians at Earport, where they created a post-fusion symphony: a grand, overarching musical structure into which the sounds made by all the musicians were woven together.

Earport’s projects always focus first and foremost on the meeting of musical worlds. Earport examines the many paths walked by musicians all over the world and finds points where those paths cross. The musical idea that underlies all Earport’s work is  post-fusion, so they search for surprising, innovative music by playing off very different musical cultures, styles and attitudes against one another.

Earport Amsterdam took place on 30 and 31 January 2009 at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.