AHK Graduation Prizes 2022 awarded to This Is Your Captain Speaking, Tentoonstelling voor verbeelding and Jongen van hout

Left to right: Steven van Raan, Idriss Nabil, Eva Oosterveld (photo: Erwin van Amstel)

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The AHK Graduation Prizes were awarded for the eleventh time on 26 January 2023. During a festive award ceremony in the Melkweg, the best graduation works of the 2022 graduates were put in the spotlight. The prize in the Bachelor category was won by Idriss Nabil (Directing Fiction) and his team for their movie This Is Your Captain Speaking. The prize in the Master category was awarded to Steven van Raan (master in Architecture) for his project Tentoonstelling voor verbeelding. The audience chose Jongen van hout by Eva Oosterveld (Directing Documentary) and her team as the winner of the audience award.

Winning Bachelor’s project
Idriss Nabil graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy with his movie This Is Your Captain Speaking. From the jury report: “The movie invites you to question the norms of the grown-up world in a powerful and playful way. The film allows you see through the eyes of a child in a mature way, as a result of which you are completely immersed in the subjective experience. The cinematography and sound design support this in a very precise, completely accurate way and make it a loving film that encourages dialogue between parents and children on an urgent social issue.”

Winning Master’s project
Steven van Raan graduated from the Academy of Architecture with his project Tentoonstelling voor verbeelding (Exhibition for Imagination). From the jury report: “In Exhibition for Imagination, architecture is stripped back to the essence: a connection between art and reason. In high-quality research that is elaborated in great detail, Steven van Raan makes the case for more feeling in architecture, away from the megalomaniacal and pragmatic plans of developers. Beautiful and very much necessary in an architectural landscape that is becoming increasingly impoverished.”

Audience award
The audience award was determined by the audience in the Melkweg and the viewers of the live stream. The award worth €1,000 was won by Eva Oosterveld (Directing Documentary) and her team (Netherlands Film Academy) for their documentary Jongen van hout (Boy Made Of Wood).

Criteria and jury
The Graduation Prize of the Amsterdam University of the Arts consists of a cash prize of €3,000 in the bachelor and master categories and an audience award worth €1,000. The nominees who did not win each receive € 500 for their nomination. 

Five bachelor's projects and five master's projects of the graduates of 2022, from the various academies, were nominated. The jury assessed all entries on three criteria: the quality of the work, the way in which the graduates connected with the outside world and the relevance of their work to the development of the field.

This year the jury consisted of chair Ernestine Comvalius (supervisory board member Democracy and Media Foundation & young artists' coach), Amber Kortzorg (journalist & member Supervisory Board AHK), Ahmet Polat (photographer & film maker) and Inez van der Scheer (junior curator Amsterdam Museum).

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