On Thursday 26 January 2023 the AHK will celebrate the 11th edition of the AHK Graduation Prize. Two cash prizes of €3,000 in the Bachelor’s and Master’s categories, and an audience prize of €1,000 will be awarded. All other projects on the jury's nomination shortlist receive an amount of €500. You can already nominate work!

Nominate & submit

Would you like to nominate your own work or that of someone else for the Graduation Prize 2022? Please, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Read the AHK Graduation Prize Regulations 2022 (PDF)

STEP 2: Nominate

STEP 3: Submit (deadline: Wednesday 5 October, 13:00 hrs)


How do you compare a choreography with an architectural design or a thesis on cultural heritage with a percussion performance? The jury will compare the graduation projects on the basis of the following criteria:  

  • The work has been assessed to be good.
  • The work establishes a connection to the outside world. 
  • The work is relevant to the further development of the profession.


The jurymembers of the AHK Graduation Prize 2022 are Ernestine Comvalius (jury chair), Amber Kortzorg, Ahmet Polat and Inez Blanca van der Scheer.


Please, email: webredactie@ahk.nl.