Photographer Jeroen Musch new Artist in Residence

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The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture has invited photographer Jeroen Musch as Artist in Residence in the academic year 2016-2017. Musch will give an introductory lecture in December, followed by an exhibition in January next year.

Seeing is a creative act. The importance of learning how to look within the disciplines of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture so great that the desire arose to invite a photographer for an Artist in Residency.

The Academy of Architecture has invitied photographer Jeroen Musch (1964) for this. Musch was educated at the Rietveld Academy (Architecture), lives in Rotterdam and works internationally. A photographer who has made his mark in various fields of photography. In December Musch will give an introductory lecture at the Academy of Architecture.

The Artist in Residence (AIR) programme is an initiative in conjunction with the departments of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. It stimulates innovation and facilitates encounters with contemporary art practice. It provides host faculties with the opportunity to benefit from the experience of respected artists, breathing new life into the educational and artistic structures of the Academy.

Results of the AIR programme are published internal and external in the journal ON AIR.