ON AIR 2015-16

ON AIR 2015-16 reports on the activities of the different guests of the Artist in Residence programme at Amsterdam University of the Arts in 2015-16.  

The distinguished American soprano Claron McFadden was the Artist in Residence at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam for the entire 2014-2015 academic year. She taught students to look with an open mind and take a broad perspective, stimulating crossovers between a variety of disciplines. At the Academy of Architecture Gabriel Lester developed several new educational projects. The versatile international practititioner of Henk Schut has been an important source of inspiration from the students of the Arts in Education masters programme. Helmut Dick takes responsibility for embedding the relocation of the Academy of Fine Arts in Education in an ambitious on-site educational project. Together with invited artists, experts and students Dick explores a wide spectrum of opportunities for art beyond the studio walls, using unconventional ‘materials’ and social energy in this rapidly developing part of the city. In Der Theatermacher, artistic director of the Directing Department at de Theaterschool, Steven Van Watermeulen, confronts student directors with questions that get to the core of their personal artistic passions – by inviting theatre makers with an important position in European theatre.

The English language ON AIR only appears digital. The Dutch version is available in print and can be ordered via Eleonora van Vloten, via eleonora.vanvloten@ahk.nl.

The AIR programme is an initiative in conjunction with the departments of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. It stimulates innovation and facilitates encounters with contemporary art practice. It provides host faculties with the opportunity to benefit from the experience of respected artists, breathing new life into the educational and artistic structures of the Academy. Results of the AIR programme are published internal and external in the journal ON AIR.

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