Henk Schut

Henk Schut is the 2015 Artist in Residence (AIR) at the Master of Education in Art programme. This unique collaboration will bring inspiration from interdisciplinary and international art practice to all the students there. Schut will open up his studio at the NDSM to the students and ensure that his own artistic process is transparent and comprehensible to them. He will then reflect with them on their reactions to the process.

Having Henk Schut as our AIR for an entire programme cycle will provide Masters students and teaching staff with the opportunity to engage in structured research and monitoring on this specific educational form, which relates to aspects of the Masters programme involving artistic competence. The research will be descriptive and explorative, and yield information that will make it possible to establish a theoretical foundation for this arts-educational practice. Henk Schut himself will create a pictorial report on the processes taking place between himself and students, and between the students.

guest curator at the Van Gogh Museum

Henk Schut is guest curator at the Van Gogh Museum, where he put together the When I Give, I Give Myself exhibition. At Schut’s invitation, 23 contemporary artists reacted to Van Gogh’s letters and explored what the celebrated painter’s ideas and insights mean for art practice today.

Each artist received a specially selected Van Gogh letter. The artworks by these home-grown and international artists and writers form a contemporary pathway through the permanent collection, placing Vincent van Gogh in a new light. One of the artists that Henk Schut invited to participate was the Academy of Architecture’s current Artist in Residence Gabriel Lester.

When I Give, I Give Myself will be running from 20 May 2015 to 17 January 2016 at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

about Henk schut

Henk Schut is a fine artist, a filmmaker and a director of theatre and opera. His multiple talents allow him to move from one discipline to the other and create new combinations. His projects often take place at locations that are unconventional while also relating to the work itself – always challenging audience expectations and generating unique experiences.
In 1984, having  completing his studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Education in 1979, Schut went to London to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He lived and worked as an artist and director in London for sixteen years. He has twice been nominated for the prestigious Laurence Olivier Award (in 1992) and he won the Barclays New Stages Award in 1996. In 1994 Schut represented the Netherlands at the Prague Quadriennale exhibition, and in 2000 he moved back to the Netherlands, setting up a studio at the former NDSM shipbuilding yard in North Amsterdam, where he creates his installations and works with multidisciplinary artists. From 2004 to 2008 he was the artistic director of Dogtroep theatre ensemble, for whom he conceived several large-scale productions and installations.



The Artist in Residence (AIR) incentive programme works with the various faculties at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK), giving them the opportunity to invite currently active artists into their educational environment to revitalise artistic policy at the school. The results of the AIR programme are brought to the attention of audiences inside and outside the school through ON AIR magazine: www.air.ahk.nl.


Henk Schut: When I Give I Give Myself and other projects, by Saskia Monshouwer (ON AIR 2015-16)

When I Give, I Give Myself

Henk Schut is guestcurator at the Van Gogh Museum where he put together the When I Give, I Give Myself exhibition. Read more


listen to the interview with Henk Schut on Radio 4 (in Dutch)