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Gabriela Acosta Camacho

Gabriela Acosta Camacho works as a coordinator, teacher of dance, educational pedagogy and research skills in higher vocational education and as a project leader and program maker in the cultural sector. She makes diversity and inclusion an integral part of her teaching and work practice. She connects different target groups and organizations with each other and believes it is important to convert policy into concrete actions: into practice and onto the floor!

Gabriela has completed the Bachelor's degree in Dance in Education and the Master's in Art Education at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK). She works for the AHK, Codarts and with various cultural institutions.

Tayfun Balçik

Tayfun Balçik is a freelance historian (graduated on the Armenian genocide), journalist at the Kanttekening and anti-racism activist for peace, equality and brotherhood.

He was born in Amsterdam to a Turkish working-class family. From 2015, he has been involved with The Hague Peace Projects to promote dialogue between Armenians, Kurds and Turks. He is also a critical follower of news about 'the Muslims' and/or 'Islam' and has written two reports on the subject (Mosllms in Dutch newspapers and Muslims on TV).

Since 2021, he has opposed gentrification with housing cooperative De Bundel and the citizens' initiative Nieuw-West Resistance.

Chadiedja Buijs

Chadiedja Buijs is a teacher, writer, curator, and creative producer based in Amsterdam.
She has worked in the visual arts scene in Cairo, Egypt after which she obtained an MA in contemporary Islamic art and cultures at Leiden University.  Her current practice is focused on art productions within alternative institutions of democratic inclusion.

The past five years, she has worked for multiple artists and organizations such as the international literature festival Read My World, Urban Resort, the municipality of Amsterdam, Theatre collective Adelheid + Zina, and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.  Chadiedja currently teaches Culture, Justice and Aesthetics (‘cultuurbeschouwing’) at the Institute of Performative arts in Maastricht (Toneel Academie Zuyd).

Layzmina Emerencia

Layzmina Emerencia is a dance teacher, culture coach and a creative maker.
In 2014 she moved from Aruba to study Dance in Education at the Amsterdam University of the Arts 
Layzmina is a researcher who likes to look for adventure. So she decided in her 
graduating year (2019) to do an internship in both Israel and Ghana.
At the moment, Layzmina mainly works in primary and secondary education as interdisciplinary dance teacher with West African dance principles as expertise.
Since 2021 she has also been following the Master's program in Art Education at the AHK. During this study, two themes are central to her; representation in education and decolonization.

Camiël Kesser

A born and raised ‘Amsterdammer’, Camiël Kesser is as diverse as the city in which he lives. Football was not enough to satisfy curiosity about the magic of human behavior. After a mental and physical journey of discovery across the world, he found a landing in cultural social education (CMV). This study intertwined creative and cognitive aspects and has become the foundation of Camiël’s professional career.

While working as a Parent and Child advisor Camiël’s passion was ignited in 2020 to immortalize authentic conversations. His goal is to share through a podcast with the public why the power of the story deserves a timeless place.

Paulina Trejo Méndez

Paulina Trejo Méndez is an independent researcher and artist with a PhD in development studies from Erasmus University. Their work focused on the politics of knowledge and decolonizing healing, looking into forms of resistance against embodied erasure (epistemicide and feminicide).
They have been teaching at the University of Bonn in Germany.
Their art and research projects bring together art, Latin American feminisms, decoloniality, healing, medical gaze, and endometriosis.
They collaborated with the self-managed publishing house Cooperativa Editorial Retos bringing together works by rebellious WOC, trans, indigenous, black activists, academics and artists.


Chris Kaspar de Ploeg

Chris Kaspar de Ploeg (1994) is a grassroots organizer, speaker and investigative journalist, and has published in Follow the Money, De Groene Amsterdammer and OneWorld, among others. Chris wrote the book Ukraine in the Crossfire and is co-founder and core organizer at Aralez, a grassroots organization for decolonization, and at Arts of Resistance, a coalition bridging social movements and the arts.

Chris writes, speaks and organizes on various social justice topics, including (neo-)colonialism, climate justice, racism and capitalism. You can find his work on his website:



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