On 24th of March 2018 the National Centre of Expertise for Cultural Education and Amateur Arts, the Cultural Participation Fund, the Conservatory of Amsterdam and the Research Group Arts Education, organized the one-day conference ‘My music ability’. On that day the themes music, disability and technology met. National and international presenters were invited to share their best practices with the aim to provide practitioners with philosophical ideas and practical tools for their practice and to call the attention of policy makers to the need of inclusive music education. During the conference the following issues were explored:

·      What do the concepts of accessibility, inclusion and equity really mean in practice?
·      Which (technology-based) instruments make music ensembles, pop bands and orchestra’s accessible?
·      How can music teachers and other professionals become inspired and more equipped for working with people with a disability?

Furthermore, the conference presented the outcomes of the Artist-in residence project that was organized for the Bachelor of Music in Education of the Conservatory of Amsterdam. As inclusive music education and the know-how regarding accessible music technology is still an emerging field in the Netherlands, Drake Music was invited as ‘artist-in-residence’ to work with the students. The goal of the project was for students to become inspired and more equipped to work with inclusive ensembles and inclusive music classrooms.


Read the article 'Waarom kunnen nog steeds niet alle mensen met een beperking terecht bij een muziekdocent? (in Dutch), by Melissa Bremmer and Marian van Miert, LKCA 2018

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